Supplemental Report to Connected Living

It was apparent to the GSO team that there was still reporting and program assessment work to be done after Northern Illinois University submitted its Final Evaluation Report in August 2012. 

We didn’t have the breakdown of the results of the program by building.  We didn’t know how many residents actually signed up for temporary “free broadband” during the period in the demonstration when it was available.  We didn’t know how many residents signed up for “paid broadband” at the end of the program or from whom, and at what price.

We wanted to know how the Collaborators planned to use their computer learning centers and building broadband networks after BTOP funding was over and we wanted to know more about seniors’ use of the Internet after the training.

Finally, we felt it was important to consider ways in which the program could have been more effective.

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  1. Karen C. McElrath says:

    As the past CPM for Adli Stevenson and JF Kennedy in Joliet, IL, I feel the need for a continuation of this type of program is essential. Since the end of my employment with CL December 22, 2012, I have had the pleasure of running into several of my past students and am still in direct contact with some. The question is always raised when will there be another class??? CL was successful in exposing many to the internet and its capabilities but the process is still in demand. Dale Evans was a fantastic connection for me but getting the direct support from building management was difficult. Dale was always willing to step out of the box and help me in several ways. There were challenges at many levels, but there were many victories as well. If this program is to continue, I agree it would be an absolute necessity to talk to the CPMs. These individuals were the true eyes and ears of the program. Their incite would provide a positive approach to these types of programs. I found the experience to be the most fullfilling of my career and would love to see it continue. The need is there!

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